Retro Small Red Accordion Isolated On White

“A” is for Accordion

Accordionsare boxed shaped musical instruments. A musician who plays an accordion is known as an accordionist. Accordions were invented in Russia. Accordions are sometimes called “Squeeze Boxes”. There are many different types of accordions, such as button type and piano type accordions. All accordions have bellows. This is the part of the instrument that the accordionist will squeeze to Read more about “A” is for Accordion[…]

Alligator In Florida

“A” is for Alligator

Alligators are large carnivorous reptiles.An alligator has a large rounded snout and is black in colour. Alligators can grow up to nearly 5 metres in length. Alligators have about 70 teeth that are constantly being replaced as they wear down. Alligators are usually found in swamps and rivers. They have been occasionally found out at sea. Read more about “A” is for Alligator[…]

Monkey Family Hamadryas Baboon

“B” is for Baboon

Baboons are the largest type of monkeys in the world. Baboons do not spend much time swinging in trees like other monkeys, instead they spend most of the time on ground. Female baboons have bottoms that can turn red when they are ready to mate. Baboons are only found in Africa and Arabia. Baboons live Read more about “B” is for Baboon[…]

circus lion

“C” is for Circus

A circus has acts such as lions performing stunts, strongmen carrying extremely heavy loads and magicians performing dangerous tricks. Some circus shows also feature animals such as horses, elephants, camels and seals. Motorcycles stunts are a popular act in many circus shows! Some circus acts include tight rope walking. Most modern circuses have no animals. Only Read more about “C” is for Circus[…]


“E” is for Elephant

Elephants can live for nearly 70 years. There are different types of elephants and the largest type of elephant is the African elephant. Elephants can eat for more than 15 hours a day. Elephant tusks are made of ivory. Elephants use their trunks for smelling, breathing, trumpeting and drinking. Elephants live in herds. Have you Read more about “E” is for Elephant[…]