Construction Worker Climbing A Ladder Up To The Roof

“L” is for Ladder

Ladders were invented more than 10000 years ago. You must always be careful when using ladders, as you can get hurt badly if you fall off one! Ladders are used by fighter pilots, firemen, army soldiers and many other people. You probably have a ladder somewhere at home! Most ladders are made from aluminium. Ladders Read more about “L” is for Ladder[…]

“L” is for Ladybug

Ladybugs are actually beetles! Ladybugs will make themselves smell really bad when they are afraid. Ladybugs eat many pests, which is good for plants. Not all ladybugs have spots on them. Ladybugs can live for about a year. Ladybugs actually hibernate in groups when it gets cold. Ladybugs have 2 sets of wings, but use Read more about “L” is for Ladybug[…]

Digger Working At Landfill Site

“L” is for Landfill

A landfill is a place where waste and rubbish is buried. A landfill is also known as a rubbish or garbage dump. Landfills are not intended for waste that can be recycled. Landfills contribute to global warming. Sometimes rubbish is compacted before it is dumped in a landfill. There is a landfill in New York that Read more about “L” is for Landfill[…]

Modern Kettle On The Stove

“K” is for Kettle

Kettles are metal pots used for boiling water. Kettles have been used since ancient times. Kettles are made from metals such as iron, steel and copper. Kettles used to be heated over open fires in order to heat them up. Electric kettles were only invented in 1893 in the United Kingdom. The part of the Read more about “K” is for Kettle[…]

Medieval Knight On Grey Background

“K” is for Knight

Knights were first trained about 2000 years ago in the Roman empire. Knights were the best soldiers on the battlefield. A knight’s armour weighed nearly 22 kilograms or more. It used to take more than 10 years to train a knight! Knights were addressed as “Sir”. Knights would take part in a sport called jousting. It Read more about “K” is for Knight[…]

Tomato Ketchup And Fresh Tomatoes Close Up

“K” is for Ketchup

On average, 1 person eats about 3 bottles of Ketchup every year. Ketchup can only be made from ripe tomatoes. Ketchup was first sold in 1876! At first ketchup did not have tomatoes in it because a long time ago people though that tomatoes were poisonous! Ketchup can be used both as a condiment and an Read more about “K” is for Ketchup[…]