One Honey Badger Smelling The Stone Floor

“B” is for Badger

Badgers belong to the weasel family. Badgers have really powerful jaws and very sharp claws. Badgers also have very tough skin. Badgers dig burrows to rest and sleep in during the day since they are nocturnal creatures that only venture out at night. Badgers can be found in India, Africa and in the Middle East. Badgers Read more about “B” is for Badger[…]

Norway Spitsbergen Walruse In Water Close Up

“W” is for Walrus

A walrus is a large mammal that spends  a lot of time in the sea. A walrus is a carnivore. A male walrus is called a “bull”. A female walrus is called a “cow”. A baby walrus is called a “calf”. Walruses can be found in the Arctic which is very cold. Walruses have very thick Read more about “W” is for Walrus[…]

Walnuts Walnuts Isolated On White Background

“W” is for Walnut

Walnuts are very nutritious nuts! Walnuts are delicious and can be used in soups and deserts. The inner part of a walnut is called a kernel. Walnuts can be found all over the world. The world’s biggest producer of walnut is China. Walnuts can be used in herbal medicines. Do you like to eat walnut? ……………….. Read more about “W” is for Walnut[…]

Smart And Mechanical Wrist Watches On Wooden Table

“W” is for Watch

Watches are very delicate and complicated machines that show the time. There are different types of watches such as quartz watches, mechanical watches and electronic watches. Nowadays watches do more than just tell the time! Some watches can play music, answer the phone and some are also calculators. The first ever watch was made in 1571! Read more about “W” is for Watch[…]

Plate Of Belgian Waffles With Fresh Strawberries And Pats Of Butter

“W” is for Waffle

Waffles are made by cooking dough between two plates that have square patterns. There are different types of waffles, such as the American waffle and the Belgian waffle. The largest waffle ever cooked in the world weighed more than 50 kilograms. Waffles can be eaten with butter, honey, ice-cream and even fruits! When was the Read more about “W” is for Waffle[…]

Wolf Close Up Of Head

“W” is for Wolf

Wolves are the largest members of the dog family! There are many different types of wolves. Wolves are famous for their scary howls. Wolves live in groups called “packs”. Wolves are carnivores, which means that they only eat meat. Baby wolves are called “pups”. Wolves can be found in many places like America and Europe. Read more about “W” is for Wolf[…]