Man Holding Colorful Plastic Toy Letters In His Hands

What Words To Teach A Toddler?

When young children or toddlers start to learn how to speak, parents should encourage them by creating as many opportunities for conversation as possible. Teaching children a wide variety of new words will give them the abilities to match their interest and enthusiasm for conversation. In this article we look at the words that should Read more about What Words To Teach A Toddler?[…]

Little Boy Playing With Toy Dinosaurs

Developing Creativity In Young Children

The jury is out on whether creativity is an inborn talent or a skill that can be taught and eventually mastered, with countless studies supporting both sides of the argument. Parents nonetheless can develop some level of creative thinking abilities in young children with a few simple actions. Creative thinking abilities will translate into creative Read more about Developing Creativity In Young Children[…]

Building Blocks Simple As 123

Lesson Plans At Home

When teaching young children at home, parents may think it is unnecessary to follow a lesson plan. However, parents may want to consider that: Children have extremely short attention spans Children can think of a 1000 other things they want to do instead of learning English Children often have unpredictable energy levels Parents often run Read more about Lesson Plans At Home[…]