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Our Mission

We aspire to empower parents and /or educators of young children by offering powerfully effective teaching tools & aids.

KidsEnglishCollege™ Teaching Tools

KidsEnglishCollege™ offers a wide range of English Teaching Tools, including a large collection of digital English reading cards that have been carefully designed to create an enjoyable learning experience for your child as you read to him/her. Our resources combine time-tested teaching methods with digital devices to create powerful teaching tools, all of which are completely free to use.

Our FREE Tools Include:

KidsEnglishCollege™ Informational Reading Cards:

These are more than just simple flashcards!

Our English Reading Cards are designed to be:

  • Distraction-free.
  • Highly interesting (even to adults!) and
  • Have just the right amount of content to hold your child’s attention as you read to him/her.

Our cards have been carefully designed to encourage young readers to think as they are being read to and to ask questions as they learn.

So go ahead and take your time to explore all our reading cards with your child!


KidsEnglishCollege™ Worksheets:

Effective worksheets to teach writing and word recognition.

Our worksheets are designed to keep lessons fun.

  • We use a lot of real images instead of cartoons and drawings to keep worksheets interesting.
  • Each worksheet is designed to be a quick activity that keeps children focused.
  • We also offer a selection of electronic worksheets.


Other KidsEnglishCollege™ Teaching Tools:

We offer a wide collection of tools for educators to use.

Other tools we offer include:

  • Consonant + Vowel combination table to teach basic phonics
  • Reading cards about emotions, action words, international festivals, and many more
  • Teaching tools for children of various age groups


Our Most Popular Tools

Informational Reading Cards

Teach children new words

Fun Facts For Kids

Short interesting articles for kids

Consonants & Vowels

Quickly recognise the sounds of basic consonant-vowel combinations

Short Stories

View our collection of original English short stories


Explore our English worksheets


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Kathy Iven Lee

Kathy Iven Lee

Fulltime Parent

"Thank you for these tools. They helped a whole lot! It was easy to get my little one to sit down in front of a tablet and focus on learning."

Hari Nesan

Hari Nesan

Business Owner

"You truly understand what works with children. I love that content is updated frequently. Thank you for making this site free for all."

Nat Sulaiman

Nat Sulaiman

Logistics Operator

"Easy to use, completely free and very effective. My son picked up the language faster than I thought would be possible. May God Bless You!"

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