“T” is for Television

Television used to show movies in just black and white. Television sets used to be large and thick, as big as cardboard boxes! Television remotes used to have wires and were not always wireless! You can watch cartoons, news, documentaries and movies on television. Do you watch a lot of television at home? ……………….. All Read more about “T” is for Television[…]

colorful umbrella

“U” is for Umbrella

Umbrellas come in many colours and sizes. Umbrellas can also be called “parasols”. Umbrellas can be used to protect against the sun and the rain. Umbrellas can be really big or really small. Umbrellas are really handy when you need some shade! Some cultures have traditional umbrellas that are very beautiful. Do you own an Read more about “U” is for Umbrella[…]