“F” is for Falcon

Falcons are birds of prey. Falcons can be found all over the world. Falcons can fly at very high speeds. Falcons have very good eyesight allowing them to see their prey from very far away. Some types of falcons can fly at speeds of nearly 320 kilometres per hour. This makes them the fastest animals on earth. The Read more about “F” is for Falcon[…]


“G” is for Gorilla

Gorillas are large primates that can be found in forests in Africa. Gorillas are herbivores. Gorillas walk around on the feet of their hind legs and the knuckles of their hands. Gorillas live in groups that are called troops. As a male gorilla grows old, it grows a patch of silver hair on its back. Gorillas are highly intelligent animals and Read more about “G” is for Gorilla[…]

Wild hare sitting on a coast of river. Wild hare sitting on a coast of river, Leporidae, Altai

“H” is for Hare

Hares are fast mammals that look like rabbits. Baby hares are called “leverets”. Hares are larger than rabbits and have longer hind legs. Hares eat bark and twigs. Hares are wild animals that cannot be kept as pets like rabbits. Hares can be found in many parts of the world such as Japan, Europe and America. ……………….. All “H” Read more about “H” is for Hare[…]

Ink Splatter On A White Background Isolated Illustration

“I” is for Ink

Ink is a liquid that can come in many different colours. Ink can be used for writing, painting, printing and drawing. Ink was invented more than a thousand years ago. The pens you use contain ink.  The markers you use contain ink.  The printers you use also contain ink.  People use a lot of ink ! Some animals like octopuses and squid use ink to Read more about “I” is for Ink[…]


“J” is for Javelin

A javelin is a spear meant to be thrown. Many years ago javelins were used for hunting animals and by soldiers as weapons. Today, javelins are used in sports. Javelins thrown for sports are about 2 and a half metres long. Javelins can be made of wood or metal. During javelin throwing sports events, some athletes can throw javelins nearly Read more about “J” is for Javelin[…]

Whitewater Kayaker in Rapids

“K” is for Kayak

Kayaks are small water craft that are controlled using paddles. Kayaks can also be called canoes. Kayaks can be used for fishing and water sports. Most kayaks can sit 2 people. Kayaks are used in an extreme sport called white water rafting. Kayaks are usually made from plastic. A person using a kayak can be called a “kayaker”. ……………….. All “K” Words


“L” is for Lion

Lions are large cats that can be found in Africa. Male lions have manes. Female lions do not have manes. Female lions are called “lionesses” and are very fierce hunters. Baby lions are called “cubs”. A family of lions is called a “pride” of lions. Lions can be as heavy as 250 kilograms! A lion’s Read more about “L” is for Lion[…]


“M” is for Mango

Mangoes are juicy fruit that grow on tropical trees. Mangoes are the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines. India is the world’s largest producer of mangoes. Mangoes are usually sweet and juicy. Mangoes are used in many dishes. Mango juice is also very popular in many parts of the world. Have you ever eaten Read more about “M” is for Mango[…]


“O” is for Ocean

The ocean covers about 70% of the earth’s surface. The ocean has many different types of fish and mammals. The deepest point in the ocean is called Challenger Deep. Human beings have only explored about 10% of the ocean.  Most of the water in the ocean is near freezing temperature. Some parts of the ocean have water near Read more about “O” is for Ocean[…]