Nightingale Luscinia Megarhynchos Perched On A Tree Branch

“N” is for Nightingale

Nightingales can be found in many parts of Africa, Europe and Asia. Nightingales eat fruit, insects and seeds. Nightingales will migrate to warmer places when it gets too cold! Nightingales can sing harmonious melodies. Only male nightingales can sing! The nightingale is the national bird of Iran. Many people keep nightingales as pets. Nightingales only Read more about “N” is for Nightingale[…]

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Closeup Of Young Woman With Doubtful Look

Its or It’s ?

The wrong use of the apostrophe “s” is one of the most common errors in the English language. Here are 4 simple rules to understand how to use the apostrophe “s” and to understand the difference between its & it’s. Only when the apostrophe “s” is used after any word except “it”, it shows possession Read more about Its or It’s ?[…]

Parents Reading Book To Young Son

The Benefits Of Reading To Children

From an early age, a child’s brain needs stimulation. There are two primary kinds of stimuli; the interactive kind that includes talking to child, reading to the child and playing with a child and the passively engaged kind which includes leaving a child unattended in front of a television or media device to watch cartoons, Read more about The Benefits Of Reading To Children[…]