Family Celebrating Child Acutes Birthday


This picture shows a family celebrating a birthday party. The girl is carrying the birthday cake. There are a lot of nuts on the birthday cake. There are 5 lighted candles on the birthday cake. There are balloons hanging the walls in the room. ……………….. All Scenes

Schoolchildren In It Class Using Computer With Teacher


This picture show a classroom. There is a computer in the classroom. The children are wearing white uniforms. The girl is typing with the keyboard. Two students are learning how to use the computer. The teacher is giving them instructions on what to do. Everybody is smiling because they are Read more…

Helicopter Landing On Snowy Mountain Top


This picture shows a helicopter. The white helicopter is about to land on snow. There are many tall mountains behind the helicopter. The helicopter has a red tail. This helicopter also has special skids to let it land on snow. ……………….. All Scenes