The History Of Martial Arts

Contrary to popular belief, martial arts did not originate in just Asia. In fact, nobody really knows where martial arts first originated! Historical artefacts suggest that martial arts originated in various parts of the world, not necessarily from one single place or country. There are hundreds of different martial arts in the world. Martial arts Read more about The History Of Martial Arts[…]

Worse Than A Bee Sting?

Insects stings can be painful. However, not all stings hurt the same. Some insects like yellow jackets, wasps and fire ants also inject venom into their victims. Some insect’s venom can cause intense pain that may even induce temporary paralysis around the area that was stung. Insects like the honey bees leave their stingers behind Read more about Worse Than A Bee Sting?[…]

Parents. Not Bodyguards.

Studies have shown that an excessively protective parenting approach has a detrimental effect on a child’s emotional development. But we already knew that. In fact, we really did not need a mental health expert to conduct a study and put into writing something that is so logically obvious did we? Yet, while we all know Read more about Parents. Not Bodyguards.[…]

The Coldest Liquid On Earth

Some liquids are dangerously cold. Liquid nitrogen, helium, neon and oxygen would almost immediately freeze anything you dip into them. The coolest liquid we know on Earth is liquid helium. Naturally, none of these elements exist as liquids on Earth. They have to be cooled before they become liquids. In liquid form, the temperature of Read more about The Coldest Liquid On Earth[…]