Have You Seen Magnetic Liquid?

Liquid magnets are not new technology. In fact, ferrofluids were invented in 1963 by a scientist named Steve Papell. These materials are not really magnets, but they become strongly magnetised when they are brought close enough to an actual magnet. Ferrofluids are made up of tiny magnetic materials that have been mixed with a carrier, such Read more about Have You Seen Magnetic Liquid?[…]

What Is A Hare Scramble ?

A hare scramble is an extreme off-road motorcycle race. During a hare scramble, motorcycle riders will have to ride their motorcycles through rugged terrain, between trees, across pools of mud and through ruts. There are generally three skill categories of riders who compete in these hare scramble races. The highest grade is A, but most Read more about What Is A Hare Scramble ?[…]

Young Woman Playing With Girl

English Enrichment Classes: Are They Really Necessary?

In many developing and developed countries, parents feel a competitive need to send their children for English enrichment classes in their pre-formal education years and there is an abundance of freelance tutors and education companies ready to provide such programmes. For example, a quick search on Google for “Singapore English enrichment” reveals an almost never Read more about English Enrichment Classes: Are They Really Necessary?[…]

Learning How To Teach Children

Parents are always eager to start teaching their children to read and write. Most parents are able to teach their children the basics – such as the letters of the alphabet, some colours and perhaps some numbers without too much of a fuss. As parents start to get ambitious with their lessons and try to Read more about Learning How To Teach Children[…]