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Edutainment: How The Experts Do It

We recently had the opportunity to speak with a veteran in the children’s edutainment space – Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle! Although Greg left the massively popular Wiggles back group in 2006 due to health reasons, his passion for the industry has remained strong. As a founding member of The Wiggles, Greg is no Read more about Edutainment: How The Experts Do It[…]

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Teaching Young Children 101

In most countries, parents usually start teaching their children the alphabet and basic mathematics well before they start formal schooling. However, teaching is not easy, teaching young children is very difficult and most parents have had no formal training in teaching anything to anyone. So excitement and enthusiasm soon turn to frustration and anger and Read more about Teaching Young Children 101[…]

Can We Clone Ourselves?

Cloning is possible because scientists are now able to identify and modify genetics in specific ways in order to create specific outcomes. Scientists are already able to clone simple organisms so it may well be possible in the near future to clone whole human beings. However, scientists are not able to clone memories or personalities. Read more about Can We Clone Ourselves?[…]

Fascinating Facts About Earthquakes

In 2010, a powerful earthquake in Chile affected the rotation of the earth. This earthquake was so powerful that it moved a city in Chile about 10 feet. However, this earthquake is not the most powerful earthquake to have ever occurred. Fortunately, many powerful earthquakes take place under the sea, where people and animals do Read more about Fascinating Facts About Earthquakes[…]

Not All Humans Are The Same

Although it may appear that all humans beings are physically the same, this is not true. For example, some people have an extra rib while others have extra teeth. Some people also have a single large kidney while most others have two. Even the way arteries, veins and nerves are distributed throughout the body can Read more about Not All Humans Are The Same[…]

Mattresses Get Heavier Over Time.

Many people flip their mattresses regularly in order to prevent uneven wear and tear. These people may find it getting harder and harder to do it each time, because it may feel like their mattress is getting heavier and heavier each time. This is not their imagination playing tricks on them, because in fact their Read more about Mattresses Get Heavier Over Time.[…]