The Smallest Particle?

Scientists are continuously conducting experiments to identify the smallest unit of matter. The smallest units of matter that have been studied in detail are known as electrons, neutrons and protons. Physicists know smaller particles called leptons and quarks exist, but they have very little information about them. Researchers know that 6 different types of quarks Read more about The Smallest Particle?[…]

Amazing Animal Defense Mechanisms

Animals in the wild have to fight to survive every day. While large predators would have the usual claws and sharp teeth, smaller animals like insects have to depend on more unique defense mechanisms. For example, Malaysian exploding ants will sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the colony by exploding a poison gland out through Read more about Amazing Animal Defense Mechanisms[…]

Why Are Most Airplanes White?

Commercial aircraft are usually predominantly, if not completely white in colour. This is not because airlines are lazy to  paint their fleets, but because white colour gives airplanes many advantages that make them more efficient and easy to maintain. White colour absorbs the least amount of heat and this reduces the cost of keeping airplanes Read more about Why Are Most Airplanes White?[…]