Mother And Young Daughter Using A Digital Tablet In A Living Room Interior
Can Parents Make Good Teachers?
According to some statistics, more than 1 million children are home schooled in the US. In many of these cases, parents were the teachers at home. So if so many parents were able to bring ...
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Teacher Helping Students During Art Class In Chinese School Classroom
Why Structured Teaching English Plans Are Necessary
Children pick up languages quickly and easily since there is a natural tendency for children to want to learn communicate as quickly as possible. So children will pick up the English language fairly easily if ...
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Asian Woman Student Sleep On The Table In Classroom
Is Your Child Dyslexic?
Dyslexia is a relatively common learning problem that affects an estimated 5 to 8 percent of the world. Simply put, dyslexia in children is a condition where children find great difficulty in learning, which manifests ...
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Small Girl With Hands Cupped Standing In Wheat Field
5 Things You Must Know Before Teaching Children English
While you may sit your child down at home and be all enthusiastic about teaching your child English (or anything else for that matter) - your child may have other plans. So before you start ...
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Adorable Girl Studying With Books And Apple In The Head
A Reading Corner For Kids
Parents often ask - "How do we encourage our child to naturally love reading?  Why are some children glued to books while mine are glued to mobile screens and games? ". The answer is actually ...
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