Letter Recognition

Our letter recognition tool helps learners identify the characters of the alphabet in both upper and lower case. Examples of words (with pictures!) starting with each letter are included.

Letter Recognition Tool

Simple Reading Cards

Our sets of simple reading cards introduce the learner to basic concepts such as taste, emotions, colours, festivals and numbers. Also includes pictures for each new word.

Simple Reading Cards

Advanced Reading Cards

KidsEnglishCollege™ advanced reading cards are a large collection of reading cards alphabetically sorted. These have been designed to build a young learner’s vocabulary and general knowledge quickly. Pictures are included in all articles.

Advanced Reading Cards

Fun Facts

These have been designed to ignite an interest in children to get curious about things happening around the world. Pictures are included in all articles.

Fun Facts

Phonics Blaster Table: Consonant + Vowel Combinations Table

Combining consonants and vowels is a critical part of being able to master the English language. We combine all the consonants with vowels and provide examples of words to illustrate how they should sound. Pictures are included with all the words introduced.

Consonants + Vowels

Short Stories

KidsEnglishCollege™ short stories are unique and original short stories.

Read Short Stories

Downloadable Print Resources

Our downloadable resources include worksheets to improve handwriting and word recognition.

Printable Worksheets

Word Search Online (Beta)

Word Search activities help to enhance character recognition tremendously.

Word Search (Beta)