Animals in the wild have to fight to survive every day. While large predators would have the usual claws and sharp teeth, smaller animals like insects have to depend on more unique defence mechanisms. For example, Malaysian exploding ants will sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the colony by exploding a poison gland out through their heads at enemies. Cuttlefish are able to make drastic changes to their bodies to camouflage themselves almost to the point of being invisible, or they can use their bright colours to hypnotise their enemies. Some millipedes are able to secrete cyanide when they are threatened. Electric eels are able to generate jolts of about 650 volts, an ability they use for both attack and self-defence. The Central African hairy frog will break its toenails and push them out through the skin to form sharp claws. The opossum will drop into a deep comatose state when it is threatened and even give off a smell similar to that of a rotting corpse. It is believed that this makes it seem unappetizing to most of its enemies.


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