Parrots are not really talking. Instead they are simply imitating sounds that they hear. This is the reason why we cannot have conversations with parrots since they can only repeat what they hear. Many other animals are able to imitate human speech such as elephants, dolphins and beluga whales. It is generally not as easy to train these animals to do so as it is with parrots. However, many animals can talk with each other and most do so frequently at least among their own kind. It is not known if animals in the wild can talk with animals of other species. When animals communicate with each other, they do not use words like we do – instead they may howl, cry, roar or croak or chirp. While these sounds may mean nothing to human beings, they likely do have meaning in the animal kingdom. Many animals also use body language to communicate, such as dogs that wag their tails when they are happy or excited or bare their teeth when they are angry or afraid. Also, while animals may not be able to understand the words that a person is saying, based on our body language and behaviour they may well understand the message behind what is being said to them, although they are not able to respond with words!


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