Black holes are named as such because they appear as large black holes in space. This is because black holes have such a strong gravitational field that scientists believe nothing can escape them, not even light. Since we cannot see anything without light, we cannot see a black hole. Fortunately, planet Earth is not near any black holes so we are safe from being sucked into one anytime soon. From time to time, space observers have noticed bright flares escaping from black holes, but nobody really knows what these are exactly or how they escape. The area around a black hole may appear very bright, because as matter gets pulled into a black hole, it will stretch and heat up, becoming bright. Particles may also orbit around a black hole, getting stretched and rubbing against other particles that are in orbit. The amount of particles orbiting a black hole can be very large, since the gravitational pull there is very strong. These orbiting particles run against each other, which creates friction that will also cause particles to heat up and glow. Black holes can be as tiny as a single point, but scientists will still be able to identify them by looking at their gravitational effects on stars nearby.


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