Interestingly, there are many recorded cases of super humans in history and in the world today. For example, a man named Miroslaw Magola can create magnetic fields with his mind, and a woman named Nina Kulagina can move physical objects without touching them. Many of these feats have been observed in laboratory settings to ensure that no trickery or illusions are being used. Another super human named Dennis Rogers can rip apart thick phone books with his bare hands. In fact, the list of super humans is quite long, with some people being able to memorise a piece of music after listening to it once, some people being able to use echolocation to move around and others being able to survive for long periods of time in extremely harsh environments. Some people also gain super powers due to injuries, and there have been many recorded cases of people gaining tremendous creativity after suffering head or brain trauma. Some scientists believe that these powers are not super at all and that every human being has the potential to possess them, but they need to learn how to unlock these abilities first.


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