Zombie movies have become popular over the past few years, but zombies have always been a concern to some creatures such as ants, caterpillars and plants. Some types of fungus can take control of an ant’s mind and force it to climb up plants and never crawl back down. A certain type of wasp will lay its eggs in the body of caterpillars. These eggs will hatch in the caterpillar’s body and eventually the larvae will eat their way out and build a cocoon. However, the caterpillar will not die, and instead, it will hang around to protect the cocoon! Some bacteria will infect plants and are even able to turn the flowers on the plant into leaves that attract insects. These insects will land on these leaves and pick up bacteria, which they then unknowingly spread to other plants that they land on. So yes, zombies are real, but they do not pose a threat to human beings. At least not today.


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