Many people believe that bears hibernate in winter. This is actually not true at all. Bears do not really hibernate. Instead, they do go into a deep sleep that is known as torpor. The difference between hibernation and torpor is that hibernation is a much deeper sleep. During hibernation, an animal will not wake up if there is a loud noise nearby. They will also not wake up if they are touched or tickled. However, during torpor, bears will wake up if there is a loud noise nearby. When an animal hibernates, they usually do throughout the winter. During torpor, the bears will come out of their dens during warmer days to hunt. During both hibernation and meditation, an animal’s heart rate will slow down significantly. They will also not usually release bodily waste. During torpor, bears will use up their store of body fat for energy and food. Bears can lose up to 30% of their body weight during winter.


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