Contrary to popular belief, chickens can fly. They just cannot fly very far or for long distances like most other birds. The longest flight ever officially recorded for a modern domestic chicken is actually slightly more than ten seconds. That particular chicken flew a distance of about 90 metres. It is entirely possible that in the wild, chickens fly for further distances. Generally, chickens have been known to fly up short trees without difficulty. Here is another fact that most people do not know – chickens can also swim. However, this is very dangerous for the chicken because unlike other birds that spend time on the water like ducks, the chicken’s feathers are not waterproof. So the longer the amount of time that the chicken is in the water, the higher the chances that it will eventually sink. The chicken also cannot keep itself upright in the water easily. If it topples in the water, it will almost certainly drown. Since the chicken does not have webbed feet, it also cannot move about in the water easily to escape from danger.


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