Human beings have sent remote controlled rovers to the planet Mars. However, human beings will not be able to survive on Mars (or any other planet) without extreme protective gear or advanced technology to sustain life. The planet Mars has gravity that is less than half the strength of Earth, so many of our machines would not work on Mars, because many machines rely on gravity to stay on the ground and to stay level. It is also not known if there is any water on Mars. Without water, life as we know it cannot exist. There are dust storms on Mars that can last for an entire year, blocking out much of the Sun. Without Sun, we would not be able to cultivate plants for food. There is very little oxygen on Mars and that would make it very difficult to breathe without a special suit. The atmosphere on Mars is also not suitable for human beings to survive for long because the pressure is very low. Most people would collapse without a special suit. So while it may actually be possible to visit Mars, human beings are not likely to stay on Mars for long periods of time anytime soon.


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