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How to Teach Phonics to Preschoolers

Preschool age is a period of rapid changes in terms of language and speech development. As a child’s vocabulary is growing, the semantic and syntactic structure of their language is becoming more complex. A three-year-old preschooler ought to have a vocabulary of around 1000 words. At that age, preschoolers are beginning to understand and use Read more about How to Teach Phonics to Preschoolers[…]

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Edutainment: How The Experts Do It

We recently had the opportunity to speak with a veteran in the children’s edutainment space – Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle! Although Greg left the massively popular Wiggles back group in 2006 due to health reasons, his passion for the industry has remained strong. As a founding member of The Wiggles, Greg is no Read more about Edutainment: How The Experts Do It[…]

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Teaching Young Children 101

In most countries, parents usually start teaching their children the alphabet and basic mathematics well before they start formal schooling. However, teaching is not easy, teaching young children is very difficult and most parents have had no formal training in teaching anything to anyone. So excitement and enthusiasm soon turn to frustration and anger and Read more about Teaching Young Children 101[…]

Parents. Not Bodyguards.

Studies have shown that an excessively protective parenting approach has a detrimental effect on a child’s emotional development. But we already knew that. In fact, we really did not need a mental health expert to conduct a study and put into writing something that is so logically obvious did we? Yet, while we all know Read more about Parents. Not Bodyguards.[…]

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English Enrichment Classes: Are They Really Necessary?

In many developing and developed countries, parents feel a competitive need to send their children for English enrichment classes in their pre-formal education years and there is an abundance of freelance tutors and education companies ready to provide such programmes. For example, a quick search on Google for “Singapore English enrichment” reveals an almost never Read more about English Enrichment Classes: Are They Really Necessary?[…]

Learning How To Teach Children

Parents are always eager to start teaching their children to read and write. Most parents are able to teach their children the basics – such as the letters of the alphabet, some colours and perhaps some numbers without too much of a fuss. As parents start to get ambitious with their lessons and try to Read more about Learning How To Teach Children[…]

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Mobile Devices : Friend or Foe?

On KidsEnglishCollege.Com, we have both electronic and traditional “print-and-write” teaching tools like worksheets, activity sheets and flashcards. We do not promote any particular teaching tools as being superior to another. We urge parents to understand that there is  no”one size fits all” teaching method or cookie cutter system/tool that works for every single child. Different Read more about Mobile Devices : Friend or Foe?[…]


Colloquial English and Standard English

In 2009, the Singapore government launched the “Speak Good English Movement” to encourage the use of Standard English over the then prevalent use of Singlish (Singapore English). Year on year thereafter, the government has been trying ever more creative ways to promote the use of proper English instead of Singlish; Singlish is almost never heard Read more about Colloquial English and Standard English[…]

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Report Cards For Young Children

Many play groups, play schools, child care centres and educational institutions catering for young children issue report cards at the end of semesters or terms. These report cards typically contain a long list of things that your child “ought” to have been able to do over the period of assessment and come with a grading Read more about Report Cards For Young Children[…]

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Can Parents Make Good Teachers?

According to some statistics, more than 1 million children are home schooled in the US. In many of these cases, parents were the teachers at home. So if so many parents were able to bring their children through formal education at home – why do so many other parents find it incredibly challenging to sit Read more about Can Parents Make Good Teachers?[…]