Man Holding A Clock In His Hand

“C” is for Clock

Clocks are one of the first things humans ever invented. A sundial is a type of clock. Sundials were invented about 3500 years ago. Before alarm clocks were invented, someone was hired to go from house to house to knock on doors until everyone woke up. These people were called “knocker uppers”. Today, there are different types Read more about “C” is for Clock[…]


“C” is for Cheetah

Cheetahs are the fastest animals on land. Cheetahs can be found in Africa. Baby cheetahs are called “cubs”. Cheetahs can reach speeds of more than 110 kilometres per hour. Cheetahs have spots on their bodies that allow them to camouflage themselves well. Cheetahs are an endangered species of animal. Adult cheetahs can weigh up to 70 Read more about “C” is for Cheetah[…]

Coyote Closeup

“C” is for Coyote

Coyotes can be found in places like North America and Mexico. Coyotes are omnivores. This means that they eat both meat and plants. A baby coyote is called a “pup”. Coyotes are really fast animals that can run faster than 56 kilometres per hour. Coyotes only hunt during the night and they spend the whole Read more about “C” is for Coyote[…]

Image Of A Cock On Nature Background Farm Animals

“C” is for Cockerel

A cockerel is a male chicken. A cockerel is also known as a rooster. Cockerels are usually larger and more brightly coloured than female chickens. Cockerels are omnivores because they eat both plants and meat. Cockerels can be found all over the world. The red flesh under the beak of a cockerel is called a “wattle”. Cockerels can fly Read more about “C” is for Cockerel[…]

circus lion

“C” is for Circus

A circus has acts such as lions performing stunts, strongmen carrying extremely heavy loads and magicians performing dangerous tricks. Some circus shows also feature animals such as horses, elephants, camels and seals. Motorcycles stunts are a popular act in many circus shows! Some circus acts include tight rope walking. Most modern circuses have no animals. Only Read more about “C” is for Circus[…]