Human Eye Close Up

“E” is for Eyeball

Your eyeballs allow you to see. Your eyeballs need light in order to function well. The part of the eyeball that has colour is called the iris. Eyeballs are very fragile and sensitive so you need to take care of them. Eyeballs are very complicated structures as well. Some parts of it even change size Read more about “E” is for Eyeball[…]

Bald Eagle Fishing

“E” is for Eagle

Eagles are one of the largest birds of prey. Eagles are found in many parts of the world such as Asia and Europe. Eagles have sharp talons, hooked beaks and muscular legs. Eagles hunt for prey on land and from the sea. Eagles can see more than four times better than humans. Large eagles have been Read more about “E” is for Eagle[…]

Green Emeralds On A White Background Precious Gems

“E” is for Emerald

Emeralds are precious stones. Colombia is one of the world’s largest producers of emeralds. Emeralds are also produced in more than 30 other countries including Pakistan, Russia and Brazil. The oldest emeralds in the world are more than 2.5 billion years old. The first known emeralds were found in Egypt. Emeralds can be very expensive, Read more about “E” is for Emerald[…]


“E” is for Elephant

Elephants can live for nearly 70 years. There are different types of elephants and the largest type of elephant is the African elephant. Elephants can eat for more than 15 hours a day. Elephant tusks are made of ivory. Elephants use their trunks for smelling, breathing, trumpeting and drinking. Elephants live in herds. Have you Read more about “E” is for Elephant[…]