Jeeps were first developed in America. Jeeps were designed to be used during World War Two. Nowadays, jeeps are used for hunting, military purposes, sports or just for driving to work. Jeeps can drive through tough terrain, because they have a feature called four wheel drive. ……………….. All “J” Words

Tomato Juice Isolated On White


Juice is made by squeezing out the liquid in fruits and vegetables. Fresh juice very nutritious and healthy. Different juices have different vitamins. Lemonade is actually a kind of juice. You do not have to add sugar to most juices because they already contain natural sugars. Doctors think that having 1 Read more…



A javelin is a spear that is meant to be thrown. Many years ago, javelins were used for hunting animals and by soldiers as weapons. Today, javelins are used in sports. Javelins thrown for sports are about 2 and a half metres long. Javelins can be made of wood or metal. During javelin throwing sports events, Read more…