Boy Balancing On A Unicycle In The Park

“U” is for Unicycle

A unicycle is a bicycle with just one wheel. It takes a lot of practice to learn how to ride a unicycle. Unicycles usually do not have brakes! Unicycles are also used for stunts by professionals. Some people play basketball and other sports while riding unicycles! There are many kinds of unicycles and some types are Read more about “U” is for Unicycle[…]

Close Up Of Man Playing Ukulele

“U” is for Ukulele

Ukuleles are musical instruments that look like small guitars. Ukuleles were invented in 1879. Ukuleles have four strings. There is even a ukulele orchestra in Great Britain! The strings on a ukulele are made from nylon. There are four different types of ukulele. Ukuleles are usually made of wood, so they are really light! ……………….. Read more about “U” is for Ukulele[…]

Portrait Of A Dentail Team Smiling At The Camera

“U” is for Uniform

Uniforms are worn by members of the same team when they play sports. Uniforms make it easier to tell which players are on which team! Uniforms are worn by soldiers. A soldier’s uniform is camouflaged. Some people wear uniforms when they work in shops. The uniforms make it easy for customers who visit the shops Read more about “U” is for Uniform[…]

colorful umbrella

“U” is for Umbrella

Umbrellas come in many colours and sizes. Umbrellas can also be called “parasols”. Umbrellas can be used to protect against the sun and the rain. Umbrellas can be really big or really small. Umbrellas are really handy when you need some shade! Some cultures have traditional umbrellas that are very beautiful. Do you own an Read more about “U” is for Umbrella[…]