July 15, 2018

Basic Consonant + Vowel Combination Table

It is important for children to be able to quickly recognise the sounds of basic consonant – vowel combinations. A strong understanding of how consonants and vowels combine to create sounds in the English language will allow young learners to start reading independently quickly.

*CLICK ON THE COMBINATIONS* – To learn words starting with the letter combinations.

a e i o u
B Ba Be Bi Bo Bu
C Ca Ce Ci Co Cu
D Da De Di Do Du
F Fa Fe Fi Fo Fu
G Ga Ge Gi Go Gu
H Ha He Hi Ho Hu
J Ja Je Ji Jo Ju
K Ka Ke Ki Ko Ku
L La Le Li Lo Lu
M Ma Me Mi Mo Mu
N Na Ne Ni No Nu
P Pa Pe Pi Po Pu
Q Qa Qi Qu
R Ra Re Ri Ro Ru
S Sa Se Si So Su
T Ta Te Ti To Tu
V Va Ve Vi Vo Vu
W Wa We Wi Wo Wu
Y Ya Ye Yo
Z Ze Zi Zo Zu