Most human beings will eat about 50 to 70 bugs throughout their life. Not on purpose though. This is because many of us unknowingly consume bugs (including spiders) that crawl into our mouths when we sleep. There are also tiny bugs and insects in the food we eat. In some parts of some countries, people eat insects as part of their local cuisine. This happens in many countries including Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam and India. Not all bugs are suitable for human consumption. Beetles are most commonly consumed by humans. The mealy worm beetle’s larvae is thought to be a healthy snack by bug eating enthusiasts. Other kinds of bugs that are commonly eaten are grasshoppers, ants and crickets. Insects need to be fried or roasted well before they are consumed, because they may have parasites and bacteria that human beings are not able to safely tolerate. Governments around the world are conducting research to understand if insects can be made into a reliable and nutrient rich source of food for large populations, as this resource has been largely untapped till today.


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