This short story is part 2 of a story about a young boy who learns how to earn money.

To Julio’s father, Mr. Julio, the idea of ​​his son working was fantastic. He liked knowing that his son wanted to buy a present for his mom on her birthday. That seemed like a very good thought. Mr. Julio had a very good son, oh yes!

So they set to work. Mr. Julio had some wooden boards, a hammer and nails in the garage. With that, he built a table to place the lemonade on. Between him and little Julio they squeezed many lemons to make refreshing lemonade. Of course, with the secret recipe that both created – lots of sugar, water and lemon. Also a pinch of love, since love makes all things taste much better.

Julio painted a sign with the brushes and paints that his father had in the garage. Little Julio liked to draw a lot, so he made a nice sign to get people’s attention so that all the neighbors would buy his lemonade.

They did this one day very early in the morning when Julio’s mother went to work. Neither Mr. Julio went to work nor Julio went to school that day. They just worked on selling lemonade. When the lemonade stand was ready, customers began to arrive.

First came Mrs. Rosamund, an old woman who lived in a house very close to them.

“What are you doing, little one?” asked the old woman.

“I’m selling lemonade to raise money so I can buy a nice birthday present for my Mom!” the boy said with a smile on his face.

“Ah, it’s true that it’s been very hot lately. Please give me one of those refreshing cold lemonade glasses you have there.”

And so she was the first customer.

Then Mr. Roberto passed by, he was a man who was always reading.

“Oh little one, what are you doing sitting under the sun?” asked Mr. Roberto.

“I’m selling lemonade, Mr. Roberto. So I can buy my mom a nice present for her birthday” said the boy with a smile.

“Oh, then I’ll help you. It is true that I feeling very warm and a nice cool glass of lemonade would be something very refreshing. But let me tell you a secret: if you want to give your mom a truly incredible gift, buy her a book!”

He was the second client.

One by one, all of the neighbors showed up to drink lemonade and soon enough, Julio was able to raise enough money to buy his mother a birthday gift.

When Julio’s mother returned home, the boy and his dad acted like nothing was happening. Julio’s mother did not suspect what the two of them had been up to.

The next day, they waited till Mom went to work again. Then, Julio Sr. and Julio son went to buy the gift.

The hard part was deciding what to buy, but Julio had gathered enough money to buy something very nice.

In the end they decided on a bouquet of flowers, red roses and a box of chocolates.

The day arrived and they both were truly excited. They woke Mom with breakfast in bed.

“Thank you very much for being so good to me, both of you, I feel so fortunate to have you…”.

“But there is more” Mr. Julio said “Our son has been working hard so he bought you a very nice gift”.

Then the little Julio appeared with the bouquet of flowers and the box of chocolates.

“Son, I feel so proud of you… but the best present I could receive is to be your mother.”

“I love you Mom, I wanted to show you that I love you very much and I think that with this I can do that.”

“Yes, my son, but the most important thing is not the gift, but the time you worked to give it to me. I feel very proud to be your Mom” the three embraced with a lot of love.

That was a great birthday for Julio’s mother!


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