This is part 2 of another short story

The four children walk after Mr. Lee. They cannot see very well but they have a lantern to help them navigate through the darkness. When they go out of the house into the garden they realize that the rest of the neighborhood is also dark.

Right in the middle of the garden, their parents had started a small fire and everyone sat around it while chatting: Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez, Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Manssini and Mrs. Lee. The children sat next to their parents and listened to the adults tell their stories. But they did not keep playing. Despite being close to their parents, they were afraid of the dark.

When you are a child, darkness can be something truly terrifying for you. Usually, the fear can be made to vanish by turning on the light but in the middle of that great blackout the lights were always off.

After a while everybody went to their homes, and Jimmy was left at home with his parents. All three were sitting in front of the garden fire.

“Do not be afraid, boy” said his dad, Mr. Lee “you should not be afraid of the dark. I told you we could have a lot of fun!”

“Yes, but it scares me because everything is so creepy…”

“Did you know that when pirates ruled the seas, there was no electricity?”

“No?” The child asks, curious “and how did they see?”

“That’s simple. Look up above you…”

Jimmy looked up and saw the sky. When you are in a place where there are no artificial lights around, the sky appears to be full of stars, with a very bright moon. This surprised Jimmy, who kept his mouth open.

“The buccaneers,” his dad continues, “were guided by the stars when they traveled at night. There are those who say that they talked to the sea and that it was the water that whispered to them the way to reach their destination. Others say they talked to whales, dolphins… and sirens. But in any case, at the time when the pirates ruled the seas there was no electric light. That means they did not have telephones, computers or television. They had fun with games instead of gadgets. And at night, if they could not sleep, they would read a book with a candle. That was the life of the pirates. ”

Jimmy does was very curious. When he listened to those things about other times he wanted to learn more and more about how life was when the pirates lived. So he asked his dad more and more questions because he was a person who read a lot and also liked adventure stories.

As they are sitting round a fire, it started to get warm. Jimmy’s parents hug him while they tell him stories. Suddenly, the child stops feeling afraid. Not because the darkness no longer seemed frightening, but because he feels very brave when he is with his parents. In addition, his father taught him that it is important to have a lot of courage to be a buccaneer. A pirate travels the seven seas and they do not fear the darkness because their only lights are the moon and the stars. At night, the full moon shines at the top like a great point in the middle of the darkness.

That’s how Jimmy fell asleep in his parents’ arms. Thinking of pirates, he dreamed of going to the island where the X in the map was marked. On that island what a great surprise! In his dream, he found what was treasure for him, lots and lots of chocolate!


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