Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does this site work on all devices?

Yes. it does. However, please note that this site is best viewed in landscape mode on a tablet.

2. What age of children are the Informational Reading Cards suitable for?

This site is generally suitable for children aged 2 to 8 years. The Informational Reading Cards are designed to be used as a teaching tool. This means that educators (parents, teachers, or just about anybody trying to teach a young learner English) can use these reading cards to simply read to children or to talk about the pictures or topics on each page. The possibilities are really endless. The worksheets and activity sheets are meant for children aged 3 to 8 years old as well. Please keep in mind that the age ranges indicated on the site are just rough guides for educators and parents who may not know where to start.

3. Why do you not use cartoon images?

We do use drawings on some worksheets if they serve a specific purpose. However, as much as possible we like to keep things realistic. Children are just as fascinated by pictures of real animals and things, as they are of cartoons and comics. We use real images on our resources as much as possible, as this is an educational tool, not an entertainment tool.

4. Could you please add more buttons for easy navigation around the site?

After much thought, we decided to keep the main body of content as distraction-free as possible. This makes it easier for educators who may otherwise have to keep stopping children from tapping on all the buttons on the screen.

5. How often do you add more content?

We add new content to the site on a daily basis.

6. If this site is meant for children to interact with, why are there no games?

This site is designed as a tool for educators to read to and teach young children, much like a parent reads a book to a child. Hence, we don’t publish games on the site.

7. Some of the content seems too advanced for young children, is there a way to filter the content to just show simple information?

No. In libraries today, there are baby learner books on quantum physics. We urge you not to place limits on your child’s education and expose them to the full range of information we have on resources.

8. Are the reading cards and worksheets free?

Yes. They will always be for use. Commercial use of our reading cards or worksheets is strictly prohibited.

9. Do you use American English or British English (otherwise known as the Queen’s English)?

Unfortunately, we had to pick one for a start, so the default language on this site is British or UK English. Please keep in mind though, children will see and be exposed to both kinds of English on a frequent basis (on television shows, books, nursery rhymes, etc.). Children should be taught to understand the difference from an early age.