Are you wondering how to teach the alphabet to a 4 year old? Well, teaching the alphabet sets foundation to excel in writing and reading. Even when kids reach at the age of 2, they start developing interests for learning alphabets.

There are numerous fun activities that you can utilize to teach your child. Here are the top ways to teach alphabets to a 4 year old.

Sing songs

Most like to start teaching using the alphabet songs which is completely acceptable. In fact, they could sing it in their sleep. This is perfectly fine way to start as long as you move away quickly from singing the alphabet to saying it. This is because if your child can say the alphabet without relying on a melody, it is certain he knows it for sure.

When you sing the alphabet song, it is a way of introducing letters to them in a fun way. You can choose to sing the song as a baby and as they grow older, accompany them with you to sing and start singing along together.

Read Alphabet Books

Try to give a read to all kinds of alphabet books to your children. It’s even better to read even they were babies. The key is repetition. In actual, this repetition is what helps your 4-year old kid to learn alphabets.

Use visual aids

Other way to teach is to use visual aids. When things can be multisensory, it’s going to be much more effective. If you can have your child say the alphabet each letter at a time while pointing to it, they would get the tactile feedback and also the auditory feedback from pronouncing the letter name.

Sandpaper Technique

Using Sandpaper technique is a great way to show letters to children with a fun activity. It is basically a pre-writing activity since kids use their fingers to draw the Sandpaper letters. Tell them their phonetic sound when they begin to trace the alphabets. This way they will get to learn three things.

  • Shape of letters
  • How to pronounce its sound
  • Direction to write letters

Alphabet Puzzles

Another way to teach alphabets is to use alphabet puzzles. Or, you can also employ manipulative 3D letters. Using block letters, you can easily make your child to practice vocabulary, letter identification task, and improve their verbal skills as well.

Hands-on Printable

Few paper activities are way to go for hands-on learning. Do-a-dot pages works well in developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Mistakes to avoid while teaching alphabets to 4-year old

  • Don’t use tons of worksheets to teach the alphabets. Instead, use them when you need to know how much they’ve learned and that’s after you’re done teaching
  • Don’t stick to the same ways of teaching. Find unique ways to make them learn the alphabets.
  • Don’t expect them to write the letters before they are ready. Avoid using traditional hand writing pages. Use handy no-line pages instead.


There’s no rush. Every child learns at their pace. Rather than burning them out with lots of expectations, stay flexible and find what do they enjoy the most.

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