A day in the life of a puppy.

Group Of Five Papillon Dogs Group Of Five Papillon Dogs In Front Of A White BackgroundBeing a puppy is fun most of the time.

Every morning, I get up and run to the kitchen where my owners are drinking coffee.

“Good morning, boy” they tell me when they see me awake.

Woof! Woof!” I answer.

They seem to understand that I am also telling them good morning.

My owner serves food in the container with my on it name and says:

“Come here, Bobby, come to eat!”

When I hear my name, I bark and run towards my food. I eat it gratefully with love. When everyone at home has finished breakfast, they go to work and I stay alone at home.

Everyone would think that a dog alone in a house has no adventures, but they are wrong. Just after when my owners leave is when I start having fun.

First I chase a lizard that I see running on the kitchen floor. I cannot catch it because is very fast, so I follow it to the living room. It hides among the furniture and I bark it out, but it does not come out. I walk away a little, waiting for it to decide to go out because it cannot remain hidden inside the sofa all its life. But eventually I get bored and go somewhere else, perhaps the lizard can stay in the sofa all its life after all!

I go out into the yard through my little special door that is made only for me. There I see pigeons that are walking around and I chase them because I like to see them fly in a hurry. Then I proceed to dig a hole or two, or dig up one where the day before I had saved a bone.

When I find the bone I was looking for, I curl up under the shadow of the apple tree to gnaw it. I listen to the birds sing and I say “woof-woof” softly, which means: “That’s a good song, guys, keep it up!”

While I am chewing the bone, I think of all the times I’ve had fun in this house; When I saw a snow for the first time and I dived into a pile of cold snow. When I saw rain fall for the first time and played under it, but I also got really dirty because the yard was full of mud. When my owner saw this, she tried to bathe me, but she also got dirty in the mud. That day everyone laughed a lot. It’s so fun to play with Joey, my owner. She is so kind to me. Her husband, Jules, also loves me very much.

I remember the times I’ve watched seen movies lying on Joey’s lap, eating dog biscuits.

My owners are very good to me, that is why I am very good to them and try not to mess up the house, although sometimes I forget and enter the house with my dirty paws or do not cover the holes I dig but I know that even so –  my owners love me so much.

Thinking about these things, I fall asleep under the shadow of the tree.

I am woken up by the sound of the car entering the garage. I run in, because I know that I will meet my owners and that what they like most after a long day of work is for me to go out and say hello to them.

They say:

“Good boy, Bobby, good boy, did you have fun today?” And you answer them: “Woof-Woof” which means I had a lot of fun.

It was nothing out of the usual, I chased a small invading animal to protect my owners, I dug, chewed a bone and then I slept a long time to have the energy to play with my owners.

That is the day of a dog, always waiting for its owners, his family. A dog is always thinking of them and that’s why the dogs are human’s best friends!


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