Smartphones have only been available to the public since the year 2002. Before that, phones only provided basic functions like voice calls and text messaging. In fact, text messaging itself was only introduced in 1992. Nokia used to be a very large manufacturer of mobile phones. The Nokia 3310 is considered to be one of the most iconic products of the mobile communication industry. Smartphones started off as mobile phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) hybrids. PDAs used to be very common in the 1900s. These were essentially small handheld computers. However, data services at the time were limited and very expensive. These were no applications except for scaled down versions of the software you could find on computers. Before mobile phones became common, people used to carry pagers. These were very common in 1994. These small devices would beep and display the number of the person who was trying to contact you. You would then have to look for a nearby pay phone to return the call. Motorola used to be one of the biggest pager manufacturers in the world, however, they stopped making pagers in 2001. Pagers are still used to send messages in some places today like construction sites, hospitals or mining quarries, because they are much more reliable than mobile phones.


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