On average, human hair grows about 1.25 centimetres per month. This speed can vary depending on genetic traits, diet and overall health of each individual. A man named Tray Van Hay from Vietnam once did not cut his hair for 50 years, and it reached a length of 6.8 metres. A woman named Xie Qiuping from China has not cut her hair since 1973, and in 2004, it was measured to be 5.6 metres in length. Some people also do not cut their fingernails. A man in India named Sheridan Chillal did not cut the nails on his left hand for 66 years, and they grew to a length of more than 9 metres. Lee Redmond from America grew the nails on both her hands for 30 years, reaching a length of nearly 8 metres. Unfortunately, they were damaged in a car accident in 2009. Doctors believe that altering diet can change the speed of fingernail and hair growth, but the effects will take a long time to show and there is no quick way to make either grow quickly overnight.


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