This is a short story about a girl named Rose who loved flowers.

Rose loved no place in the world more than her garden, with its colourful flowers and sweet smell in the air. Mama said that she loved gardens so much because she was as beautiful as a flower too! In the garden, Rose had many flowering plants like daisies, sunflowers, and tulips. Every morning she watered them with her mother, and every night she sang them all a lullaby to send them to sleep.
Rose had written her own lullaby to sing.

“The flowers in the garden are beautiful,
I love my flowers because I’m a flower too,
With the sun they are happy, with love I take care of them
If you see my garden, you will love them as I do”

Rose was a very intelligent girl and took care of her flowers very well, but Mama thought that something was missing in her little cute little garden. She thought about it a lot. As the days passed and when the birthday of her little daughter arrived, an idea suddenly appeared in her head.

“Roses for Rose, of course!” Mama thought to herself. Roses are pretty flowers they remind her of princesses, and they come in all shapes and colours. They always smell very good and they are always very neat.

“Rose, what’s your favourite colour?” Mom asked.

“Pink,” Rose answered without thinking And so Mom knew what to do. Taking great care not to be discovered, she wore dark glasses and a cap so no one would recognize her, then she went to the store where they sold plants and very carefully asked in a serious voice. “Do you have pink rose bushes?”

“Oh, you’re Rose’s mother,” the salesman said with a smile, “I almost did not recognize you with those dark glasses on. Yes, we have pink roses, let’s go and pick the most beautiful one.” Mama remembered that she always went to the same store to buy products for the plants in her garden. Mama also realized that her costume was not very good. Poor Mama! As she was looking at the pink roses in the store, she found a nice rose bush that made her yelp with excitement. It had green leaves so bright that they looked artificial, and the roses were so big and sweet-smelling that she knew she had to have it. She paid for the rosebush and put it in the back of the car while being very careful not to get hurt. When she got home, she took the bush to the garden and then it was time to decide where to place it. “In the centre of the garden, of course!” She made a hole in the ground and then planted the rose bush; it looked so cute that she took a picture of the garden with her phone.

Later that day, Mama picked up her little girl from school and took her home. When they arrived, Mama said: “Wait, do not get out of the car!” Rose looked at her curiously and sat quietly in the car. Mama looked for her, opened the door, and then with her hands, she covered Rose’s eyes.

“Today is your fourth birthday.” Mom explained as she guided Rose through the garden, “You’re already a big girl and I think you can have more responsibilities.” When they were in front of the Rose bush, Mom let rose look.

“It is beautiful!” said Rose, looking at the plant excitedly, “And how well they smell, thanks Mom, it’s the best present in the world!”

“You like it then?” Mama was about to cry with joy.

“Of course, they are the most beautiful flowers in the world, although they are all pretty. I will say they are my favourites!” And so Rose received the best birthday present in the world, a rose bush of her favourite colour that filled the air with a delicious sweet smell and that also had big roses, as big as her mama’s heart.


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