Printable Flashcards For Toddlers?

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It is normal for parents to seek out means and ways to give their children an edge in academics. So it should come as no surprise that many parents of toddlers try to use flash cards to teach their children words or to just keep them occupied and engaged.

Since most flashcard sets that you can find in bookshops are for older children, parents of toddlers have to resort to printing flashcards they find on the Internet. There are several sites that provide these for free.

These flashcards can possibly be used for learning activities but there is one major drawback; most toddlers cannot sit still or in one place long enough for parents to go through even 5 cards!

Parents can instead consider other similar teaching methods as alternatives to using flashcards with toddlers.

For example:

  1. Teach children the names of objects around the house
  2. Teach children the names of objects in surrounding areas like the park or playground
  3. Hand hold the toddler’s hand to draw images on a paper instead of printing flashcards out
  4. Hand hold the toddler’s hand to trace images from books to create flashcards
  5. Pick up a coffee table book and use images from the book as impromptu flashcards
  6. Use a mobile device to view the printable flashcards instead of printing them out
  7. A mix of some or all the above during 1 teaching session

The activities listed above allow parents to teach and engage their toddlers in a manner similar to using flashcards.

Teaching activities for toddlers ought to be kept unstructured and fluid, as toddlers cannot be expected to exercise any level of discipline during the activity.

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1 thought on “Printable Flashcards For Toddlers?

  • Yes you are right about eveything. I always thought that it was only best to teach toddlers names and labels, and anything that doesn’t require too much attention. Their attention spans are short. Flash cards are for older kids that have longer attention spans.

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