The 3D printing technology may soon become commonplace. Using 3D printing machines you can create physical objects like customised toys, phone cases, key chains and basically anything else you can sketch a diagram or schematic of it. It is even possible to create the spare parts you may need for repairs like screws and rivets of specific dimensions and shapes. With the correct schematics you can even put together a complicated machine like a rifle or a drone. The 3D printing machines are becoming so sophisticated that they are able to print articles in a variety of materials. Even large things can be 3D printed if you have a 3D printer that is large enough. For example, in July 2018, a 3D printed house was created in France. The 3D printed houses are cheaper to build than normal houses and they can be built in a fraction of the time. There are many different 3D printing technologies, but most either chip away at a block of material until the finished product is complete or they lay layers upon layers of material in a precise manner until the article is complete. The method chosen for any project will depend on the material being used, the size and complexity of the finished product, and last but not least, the type of 3D printer available for use.


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