Motivate children to master English by publishing their work online.

On KidsEnglishCollege™, we will gladly publish* content created by children (for free)

Young Parents With Child On Laptop ComputerWe accept the following types of content:

  1. Short stories written by children (a photograph/scan of hand written works)
  2. Drawings by children
  3. Poems by children

Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit an image of content created by your child (refer to Terms & Conditions below to know what not to include)
  2. Include a brief introduction to the work (Something like “A short story by baby Jimmy written last night“. Do not include any specific personal identifier information!)
  3. Our editors will review it & publish it on our site
  4. Feel free to share the content with your family & friends!

Important: Please note that all published content will be visible to all visitors to our site. Do read the terms and conditions below to make our editorial review process easier.

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*Important Terms & Conditions:

  1. We only accept non-violent, non political, non religious and child safe content
  2. First names of children can show on the images, but should not show complete full names
  3. School identification information should not show on images
  4. Contact information cannot appear on submissions and we reserve the right to redact any information as required
  5. No backlinks allowed on content
  6. We reserve the final say on all content submitted
  7. We are not responsible for loss of intellectual property rights from content submitted