All sorts of Radio Controlled (RC) toys are available today – from children’s electric motor cars to nitro powered RC helicopters. Some hobbyists have created jet powered replicas of fighter planes and military helicopters. The fastest RC car as of 2018 is able to go faster than 160 kilometres per hour. Many manufacturers produce almost exact replica RC versions of well known cars. These come complete with components such as a suspension system. Such details can make the toy quite costly. The famous inventor Nikola Tesla invented the first RC engine in 1898. However, these were only commercially available sometime in the 1960s after a company called “Elettronica Giocattoli” started to mass produce them. High powered RC cars sometimes need to have super glue applied to their parts to keep them from falling off. This glue was actually invented for use by the military in 1942. RC vehicles, like drones, are used for industrial purposes such as for conducting inspections of large sites or hard to reach places.


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