This is a story about a cute little baby and loving parents!

Doting Father With Baby Daughter At HomeWhen the Sun rises, the mountains seem to give a huge yawn, the wind helps the trees shake dew off their leaves and the flowers raise their heads to the sunlight.
Everything seems to wake up almost suddenly, well almost everything !

Baby Jonas does not wake up when the Sun rises. Instead, he always sleeps in till it is very late.

Mom and Dad sometimes even get bored waiting for their son to wake up from his sweet slumber. But Jonas will usually never open his eyes until the morning is nearing its end. When he finally does wake up, Mom always runs excitedly to the cradle of her sleepy baby, tilting her head into the basket to greet him with kisses that make Jonas giggle.

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

And he keeps giggling as long as Mom is planting kisses on his chubby cheeks.

Dad always walks into the room singing a song he wrote:

“My sleepy baby has woken UP,

I will fill him with kisses and HUGS,

and if he wakes up SOON SOON SOON,

we can eat ice cream with a SPOON !”

After that song, Jonas jumps out of bed into Mom’s arms. He loves ice cream so much that he could not help but want to eat it all the time. He imagines sweet pancakes and strawberry ice cream for breakfast. He can almost taste them in his mouth.

“Before the delicious food, you should wash your hands and face,” Mom always says.

“After washing, you should brush your teeth,” Dad says.

“But hurry, we’ve missed you so much” Mom says.

“Kiss Kiss Mom” Jonas can barely speak, “Kiss Kiss Dad.”

Mom and Dad both know what Jonas is asking for and they do not hesitate to fulfill his wish.

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

Then Jonas yawn like a mountain, stretches up his arms as if he wanted to touch the ceiling, then shakes his head and as if he was big boy, tries to walk to the bathroom. But he cannot really walk yet, so he toddles over slowly, reaching out to the wall for support.

Mom and Dad help him stand up the little chair that Dad had put there for him to reach the mirror. He washes his hands just like Mom had taught him.

First he fills his hands with soap and on the palms of his hands he draws a moving car wheel:

“Broom Broom, Broom Broom”

Then he places them under the water and lets all the soap fall.

“Now the little face,” Jonas remembers “as my mom taught me”.

First he takes soap, then he covers the whole face carefully in the clockwise direction:

“Tick Tock – Tick Tock”

Jonas laughs as he sees the beard the soap makes on his face.

Then he uses water to wash the soap beard and without losing any time, he picks up his toothbrush. His Mom had already put toothpaste on the brush. Dad who was a doctor of the teeth, taught him how he had to take care of them and would hold his hand and guide it along as he brushed his teeth.

First the front teeth – up and down a few times, very carefully. Then the teeth on all sides, up and down a few times, very carefully. His Dad would make him brush and brush until all his teeth were shiny and clean. Then Dad would give hims water to rinse his mouth. Jonas knew he was not supposed to swallow the water he had used to rinse his mouth, so Jonas would spit it out. He would rinse and rinse until there was nothing left. Finally, Dad would hold his tiny hands and teach him how to clean the toothbrush with his thumb. Jonas loved the whole routine!

“Sweet pancakes! Strawberry ice cream!”  Jonas would start screaming. His words were not very clear, but Mom and Dad knew exactly what he was trying to say.

At the breakfast table, Mom serves the delicious breakfast, but first she checks that everything is fine.

“Can I see those hands?”  Mom asks.

“Clean!” says Jonas, showing open palms.

“And your teeth?” Dad asks.

“White!” says Jonas, smiling big.

Then with kisses and hugs they let him have breakfast, because although he is a little sleepyhead he always is a good boy who is always full of joy. As you can see from this short little story, little Jonas loves his Mom and Dad very much, just as they love him.




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