Smoking is not cool. In fact, it is so “uncool” that many governments have banned tobacco advertising altogether. Most countries also have strict laws that define the places where you are allowed to smoke. These laws usually come with hefty fines if anybody is caught smoking in a smoke free zone. Bhutan banned the sale of cigarettes altogether in 2010. The only way to get a cigarette in Bhutan is to buy them from smugglers! Cigarettes smugglers in Bhutan may face jail terms if they are caught. Some cities have also banned smoking in cars if there are children in the car. As a result of these laws, it is becoming increasingly difficult for smokers around the world to find a place to light up. Most countries also place heavy taxes on cigarettes that increase every few years. This makes smoking a very expensive habit. Heavy smokers can spend so much on cigarettes every month, that they could easily afford luxury cars if they manage to kick the habit. It also goes without saying that smoking has a negative effect on the health of the smoker and the people living with them. Some psychologists believe that cigarette smoking is actually a social addiction and mixing with smokers is more likely to cause someone to start the habit.


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