Tarantula Spider In Nature Close Up Macro Shot


Tarantulas are really big spiders! Tarantulas are also really hairy. Tarantulas can be found in Asia, America and in Africa. Tarantulas live in burrows in the ground. Tarantulas do not spin webs like other spiders. Some people keep tarantulas as pets! Tarantulas eat insects, beetles and grasshoppers. Very large tarantulas Read more…



Jeeps were first developed in America. Jeeps were designed to be used during World War Two. Nowadays, jeeps are used for hunting, military purposes, sports or just for driving to work. Jeeps can drive through tough terrain, because they have a feature called four wheel drive. ……………….. All “J” Words

Mckinley Reflection In Lake On Alaska


Alaska is a State in North America. Alaska is home to many wild animals such as grizzly bears, caribou, moose and bison. Alaska has many volcanoes. Alaska is a popular place for tourists to visit. Alaska is famous for a natural phenomenon called the Northern Lights, where beautiful lights appear in the Read more…

Wild hare sitting on a coast of river. Wild hare sitting on a coast of river, Leporidae, Altai


Hares are fast mammals that look like rabbits.Baby hares are called “leverets”. Hares are larger than rabbits and have longer hind legs. Hares eat bark and twigs. Hares are wild animals that cannot be kept as pets like rabbits. Hares can be found in many parts of the world such as Japan, Europe and Read more…