3D Rendered Scientific Illustration Of Some Bacteria

“B” is for Bacteria

Bacteria are the smallest living organisms known to exist. Bacteria can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Not all kinds of bacteria will cause disease.  In fact there is some good bacteria in your digestive system. Cows use bacteria to digest the grass they eat. Bacteria can be found everywhere. The best way to protect Read more about “B” is for Bacteria[…]

Banjo On White Background

“B” is for Banjo

A banjo is a stringed musical instrument. Banjos can have between 4 to 6 strings. The most popular type of banjo is the 5 string banjo. Banjo players can also be called banjoists. Banjos strings are usually made of metal. Banjos were invented in the 1600s in Africa. Banjos became popular in the 18th century. Banjos Read more about “B” is for Banjo[…]

Monkey Family Hamadryas Baboon

“B” is for Baboon

Baboons are the largest type of monkeys in the world. Baboons do not spend much time swinging in trees like other monkeys, instead they spend most of the time on ground. Female baboons have bottoms that can turn red when they are ready to mate. Baboons are only found in Africa and Arabia. Baboons live Read more about “B” is for Baboon[…]