Perito Moreno Glacier In Argentina

“G” is for Glacier

Glaciers are large bodies of very thick ice. Glaciers can take centuries to form. Glaciers can be several kilometres deep. Scientists believe there were glaciers on the planet Mars! Glaciers are found in many places like Antarctica, Canada and Iceland. Ice that breaks off a glacier and floats away into the sea can become icebergs. Can Read more about “G” is for Glacier[…]

Bald Eagle Fishing

“E” is for Eagle

Eagles are one of the largest birds of prey. Eagles are found in many parts of the world such as Asia and Europe. Eagles have sharp talons, hooked beaks and muscular legs. Eagles hunt for prey on land and from the sea. Eagles can see more than four times better than humans. Large eagles have been Read more about “E” is for Eagle[…]


“D” is for Dolphin

Dolphins are mammals that live in the sea.A group of dolphins is called a “school” or a “pod”. Dolphins are known to be very intelligent animals and can be taught to understand symbols. Dolphins are usually very friendly to humans. Dolphins can live up to 50 years of age. Dolphins will sometimes tease and play with Read more about “D” is for Dolphin[…]