Parrot Bird Sitting On The Perch

“P” is for Parrot

Parrots are extremely intelligent and beautiful birds. Parrots have strong curved beaks and strong legs. Parrots also have brightly colored feathers, often in many different colors! Some parrots are able to imitate human voices! Some parrots can live for as long as human beings! Parrots are often kept as pets, but keeping a parrot as Read more about “P” is for Parrot[…]

circus lion

“C” is for Circus

A circus has acts such as lions performing stunts, strongmen carrying extremely heavy loads and magicians performing dangerous tricks. Some circus shows also feature animals such as horses, elephants, camels and seals. Motorcycles stunts are a popular act in many circus shows! Some circus acts include tight rope walking. Most modern circuses have no animals. Only Read more about “C” is for Circus[…]