Norway Spitsbergen Walruse In Water Close Up

“W” is for Walrus

A walrus is a large mammal that spends  a lot of time in the sea. A walrus is a carnivore. A male walrus is called a “bull”. A female walrus is called a “cow”. A baby walrus is called a “calf”. Walruses can be found in the Arctic which is very cold. Walruses have very thick Read more about “W” is for Walrus[…]

Big Mammoth In The Winter Forest 3D Illustration

“M” is for Mammoth

Mammoths are extinct animals that used to roam the earth. Mammoths are also known as “Woolly mammoths” due to their long fur. Mammoths were more than 3 and a half metres tall and weighed more than 5500 kilograms. Mammoths last lived more than 4000 years ago. The tusks of the mammoths could grow up to 5 Read more about “M” is for Mammoth[…]


“E” is for Elephant

Elephants can live for nearly 70 years. There are different types of elephants and the largest type of elephant is the African elephant. Elephants can eat for more than 15 hours a day. Elephant tusks are made of ivory. Elephants use their trunks for smelling, breathing, trumpeting and drinking. Elephants live in herds. Have you Read more about “E” is for Elephant[…]