Contrary to popular belief, martial arts did not originate in just Asia. In fact, nobody really knows where martial arts first originated! Historical artefacts suggest that martial arts originated in various parts of the world, not necessarily from one single place or country. There are hundreds of different martial arts in the world. Martial arts were invented for different reasons like self-defence, military training and even for self-discipline. Some forms of martial arts are also closely associated with spirituality, like Kung Fu. When martial arts are practised as a sport, many rules are introduced that make them less deadly. For example in Muay Thai, boxing gloves must be used instead of traditional hemp ropes. Many of the traditional Muay Thai moves are also banned from use in Muay Thai competitions. There are many legends about great martial artists, like Bodhidharma and Nai Khanomtom. Some of the stories about them claim that they were able to do almost superhuman things like to take on and defeat several opponents at once.


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